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In the mid-2000’s, bittergirl took Toronto by storm as a hit comedy revelling in “getting over getting dumped.” Howlingly funny, relatable, and emotionally cathartic, bittergirl follows three Canadian women in their plunge from what they think is romantic bliss to total breakup, devastation, and through the journey back to happiness. 

In the summer of 2015, Bittergirl - the Musical premiered at the Charlottetown Festival in Charlottetown, P.E.I. to sold-out houses and critical acclaim. This fall, the show ran at Edmonton's Citadel Theatre to rave reviews  - but that's not the end of the journey!

Bittergirl - the Musical is tearing up the John Hirsch Mainstage at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre right now until April 8 2017.

The Lower Mainland tour of Bittergirl - the Musical just closed but you can catch it soon when it reopens on the Granville Island Stage from June 15 to July 29 2017.

And in the summer of 2017, the show will be returning to where it started, at the Charlottetown Festival at the Confederation Centre as part of the Charlottetown Festival in P.E.I.

Spreading the gospel of getting over getting dumped right across the country!

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