Here's a sampling of the great reviews the show has been getting across the country:

"A journey from reflection to triumph…this show is giddy, clever, nuanced and wildly entertaining" : The National Post

"Whether you’ve got a broken heart or just want some fun summer entertainment, Bittergirl will bring you joy, laughter and a great night out" : Georgia Straight

"Bitterness has rarely felt better" : Vancouver Sun

"A Stylish, lively and entertaining look at being jilted through some of the best songs about love – and love lost – of the 60’s and 70’s" : CBC Manitoba


You don't believe us?  Read the whole thing!

"Bittergirls get dumped, sixties songs salve the pain" : The Vancouver Sun

"Meet funny singles in your area tonight" : The Guardian, Charlottetown

"Bittergirl - the Musical offers ample laughs to heal a broken heart" : Georgia Straight

"Having fun with the familiar pain of getting dumped" : The Edmonton Journal

"Bittergirl triumphs over heartbreak" : Gigcity, Edmonton

"RMTC's Bittergirl - the Musical makes getting dumped an easy pill to swallow" CBC Winnipeg